Web Designer Colorado FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Web Designing & Developemt

Web Designing and Development Basics

First off, how cheap can a basic website be built, for the bare minimum clients with no budget? $2400 to make a site minimum because it is complex and requires hosting, SSL, upgrades. Site: $2400 per year / 2 Years contract –> $200 per month.

What is the real cost of a web Development? $12,000 over 2 Years –> $500 per month. This would cover Graphic Artist, Content Creation, Theme Design, and the long hours it takes to build out a site. Working on the project a good 6 months before it gets to “DONE” Stage. This would include SYSTEMS and CUSTOM DATABASE design specifically for the business needs.

Deciding how much you can and should invest in your web production.

What is your business?

Barber –> $15 cut, good day is 15 –20 customers. $300 a day, $15 PER CUSTOMER. This is a poor return on WEBSITE investment. Do I need a website? YES! But, keep your budget to bare minimum unless you are doing better than my analysis.

Concrete Foundation Company. One job may make hundreds of thousands. What kind of budget should this company make when they are developing their website? Do as much as possible because the return on investment is so high. These clients should do the $500 budget, plus add a PAY FOR CLICK AD Budget and maximize Name recognition with more spending. We direct the client on where best to spend this extra marketing budget beyond the website.

You are going to spend $6000 per year on your website.
How much business return on your web production will you get from this investment. If it is not MORE than $6000, you need to consider a smaller less aggressive development. If it is MORE than $6000, than you need to spend accordingly and work deeper after the website is done on other marketing venues.

We will direct you on how to best go about that and take on EMAIL marketing, WEBCAM, and WEBCAM TV Marketing, Branding, Social Systems, Pay for Click Ads. Money well spent and not wasted.

Most of our customers are very busy and we take care of what needs to be taken care of without them asking or needing to think about it. We provide the support the site will need and are a go to on all Web and Networking Technical Issues that come up from time to time.

Our goal is to educate and empower our customers. We provide them with Web Sales Tools and Web Systems and customize the development to their particular needs. But most of the time we just have the customer submit content to us.

There are some obstacles to the development process.

STARTING THE PROJECT – Two kinds of business owners. One will talk about the web production; one will successfully produce a web production. Many a customer will not start the project because they feel not ready. The true fact is the website is never done, so delaying the start to a project that is never done gets you nowhere. We understand the PEOPLE FACTOR, and know to wait. But the fact is the owner should start right away, because they face the same challenges ready or not.
PEOPLE FACTOR – people are the greatest cause of a production failure. Because not all people can work together and stay the course, it is a process that requires patience and perseverance. The website is never really done, it is just a work in progress. Many a customer have destroyed their own web development, there are many human traps.
LACK OF CONTENT – In most cases, only the business owner or manager knows the business well enough to provide the needed content and pictures and data to build a full website that searches well. Many websites are stuck at a stage of development limbo because we cannot get the owner to engage and provide pictures and content. Owners are busy, all owners are busy, and they just have to take the time to engage in the development phase.
DON’T GET STUCK IN THE TINY DETAILS – There is a process to this. You can always go back and make a change, so do not get caught up in some tiny detail and spend too much time over analyzing content. There is a process, and it is to get the site to PUBLISHED DONE stage. That is the primary goal to get your site to a full published full content site. We want to get there, then switch to a Content Addition and SEO Stage where we are working on the Metadata to maximize your SEO. Since the site is never done, we can always adjust and add new material.
CONTENT GUIDELINES – When working with website content which is Text and Pictures, we want to use a lot of text and write with keywords in mind that we want to focus on specific to the business. We tie keywords, Nouns and Verbs, with Geographic locations to write our content to be the most effective organic SEO. In many cased the client does not like the content direction, they want the text to be elegant. This is a website, and most viewers will not read the content, but the search SEO Spider tools will, and we speak their language. So do not get too caught up in the content not being elegant. LESS IS NOT BETTER. NEVER TAKE AWAY, ALWAYS ADD MORE. These are important rules and we as your developers will remind you always about these smart organic SEO rules, we encourage you to follow. If you do, your site will search page one and top listing organically without having to pay for placement.

Most of the major design takes place During the beginning of the web development. Depending on what we have to work with, we can produce very quickly, or it may take many months (6) to get the site to COMPLETED PUBLISHED stage. The difference is what is provided to us. If nothing is provided, it takes us a long time to get your site together. If we have something to work with, it can go very quickly. The timetable is really dependent on the customer input. Best case is 1 month to produce if we have an old site and content to work from. If you have content and know what you want, it can go quickly.

Your long-term support contract includes changes throughout the life of the website. Should you need a new payment feature, or want to add new services, we are there to take your content and deploy it for you? Your long-term support contract includes re-design of the website after a period of time (3 years -5 years) where we go back to designing the Graphic look and feel of your site.

Any special system or Web integration needed can be done. Your contract price will reflect any special system programming required. But we can develop any data integration system for any business type. Restaurant Order Systems, Custom Databases, Data handshaking from your data to your website, E-Commerce solutions, Rental and Housing Systems, Custom systems. PHONE and TABLET APPS. We have well over 40-year IT and programming experience to work from.

If you have a budget to spend, you can deploy EMAIL MARKETING.


You can set up a budget for PAY FOR CLICK ADS.

Furthermore, you can produce CONTENT. You can always add new content to your site that is FREE and works great for organic SEO placement. The more often and more you add, the better. Site is never done. A site that is updated gets better placement than an old site not updated in SEO results.

You can pay FACEBOOK for Ad Campaigns on your Facebook Channel.

You can work your GOOGLE BUSINESS FREE and that is a must as it provides your business with a GEO MAP location that all Phone Devices use now. Your gateway into Google Maps. Work this hard as it is your best gateway beyond the website itself.

You can open more channels like YouTube, and others to maximize exposure.

If you are an EXPERT, you can always create a HOW TO CHANNEL and build video content on YouTube or other platforms and work that as a marketing tool